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    Cape Henry Lighthouse
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    • 23 Oct 2017
      DJ uploaded 9 pictures over the last week. Check them out.
    • 22 Oct 2017
      DJ ran a 5K obstacle course/mud run in Virginia Beach. It was supposed to be a 10K, but the organizer totally messed up in that regard, not even having that option available at the site. It was OK, but the Fort Gordon Mud Runs were much better.
    • 9 Oct 2017
      We added 1 new links this week. They are:
      PRK (procedure) - Article describing the PRK procedure

      Check out all of our links.
    • 9 Oct 2017
      DJ watched Blade Runner 2049 via Standard Theater and rated it 7.9
    • 4 Oct 2017
      I will update this blog as warranted. Last update was 15 Oct 2017.

      After a long road of fits and starts, I finally underwent PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), a procedure to fix my vision. I have had bad eyesight since grade school, got glasses in 2nd or 3rd grade but never wore them
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    • 2 Oct 2017
      DJ & Kelley watched Ratchet and Clank via Streaming and DJ rated it 7 and Kelley has not rated it yet.
    • 28 Sep 2017
      DJ traveled to Andrews AFB and stayed there a week to receive and recover from PRK eye surgery. Despite the scary stories of pain and discomfort, it wasn't that bad at all.
    • 26 Sep 2017
      DJ watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle via Standard Theater and rated it 7.1
    • 24 Sep 2017
      DJ & Kelley watched LEGO Ninjago Movie via Standard Theater and DJ rated it 7 and Kelley has not rated it yet.
    • 18 Sep 2017
      My new pizza blog site, ...And Crustice For All, is now live! The link can be found at the top and bottom of every page. This site is a part of my eventual resume package, to show that I am capable of designing and running multiple different types of sites. Next up is Derp Derp Code, a blog site that will be about programming and tech stuff. I am pretty excited to finally be making more progress on these sites. They have been on my to do list for years now. Please let me know what you think!

      In other news, our future is as muddy as ever. I don't know when I am retiring, Kelley doesn't know if she is staying at her job long term, I don't know if I am getting a promotion that will make us move, etc. etc. Someday things will be settled, but that day is not today.
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