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    Sand dunes 2019
    Sand dunes 2019
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    • 21 Sep 2019
      A matter of days
      It is now only a matter of days until we move out of this house and then a few more until we begin our journey to San Antonio. Just yesterday we had a BBQ here for Kelley's work section which was our last event here. Now the teardown and preparation for moving begins in earnest. We already have a ho
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    • 4 Sep 2019
      Kelley watched Falling Inn Love via Streaming and rated it 7
    • 3 Aug 2019
      DJ & Kelley watched Hobbs & Shaw via Standard Theater and DJ rated it 8.7 and Kelley rated it 9
    • 28 Jul 2019
      It is starting to get real
      Over the past two months, we've had some things to distract us from the upcoming move to San Antonio - we went to Virginia Beach and then took a week trip to Traverse City for the Cherry Festival. Now we're approaching two months until we move and there are no trips or big events in the way. Just th
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    • 26 Jul 2019
      Kelley watched Not Cinderella's Type via Streaming and rated it 8
    • 26 Jul 2019
      DJ & Kelley watched Enchanted via Television and DJ rated it 9 and Kelley rated it 9
    • 22 Jul 2019
      DJ uploaded 6 pictures over the last week. Check them out.
    • 20 Jul 2019
      DJ & Kelley watched Dark Crystal, The via Owned Media and DJ rated it 8 and Kelley rated it 8
    • 13 Jul 2019
      DJ & Kelley watched Swiped via Streaming and DJ rated it 4.9 and Kelley rated it 6
    • 9 Jul 2019
      Kelley watched Dumplin' via Streaming and rated it 7

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