About Us

Here you will find biographies of the members of DJ & Kelley's family. Just about everything you could want to know about any of us is contained inside these pages. Sometimes they get a litle out of date, but we'll try to keep on top of that. I hope you feel you know us a little better after reading these biographies.


Recent Updates

  • 27 Mar 2023
    Job, Job, Job - Wait, Wait, Wait
    The process of searching for a job has been a challenge. I continue to challenge myself to stay positive during the journey. Our family has been focused on doing all we can to prepare for a possible move. It is the emotional journey that takes a toll. It can be very stressful. It is very important f
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  • 15 Mar 2023
    DJ just started reading Heir of Fire
  • 8 Mar 2023
    DJ & Kelley watched We Have a Ghost via Streaming and DJ rated it 8 and Kelley rated it 8
  • 25 Feb 2023
    DJ & Kelley watched Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania via Standard Theater and DJ rated it 8.4 and Kelley rated it 7.5
  • 20 Jan 2023
    DJ watched Batman, THe via Streaming and rated it 8.6
  • 13 Jan 2023
    DJ & Kelley watched Willow via Streaming and DJ rated it 6.8 and Kelley has not rated it yet.

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