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Kelley / 8 Years Ago

I totally agree that in order to remain healthy it must be a lifestyle change. There are no days to take off. Every choice we make affects our bodies. No one makes us eat anything. We have to put the utensil that holds the food to our mouth. The choice is entirely in our hands. There are no excuses. Society or your upbringing creates habits that need to be broken. I do not have to have a dessert in order to feel I have eaten a satisfied meal. I do not have to eat ice cream every day to make life good. I feel that I put so much value on food making me happy. That is what leads people to indulge. So many are trying to fill a void with their favorite foods. Once the meal is finished, your problem is still there.

I can safely say that I feel some chains have been broken over the past couple of months. My husband is in Texas so I have been responsible for purchasing and cooking food. I still eat out sometimes, but I make smart choices. I always know the nutritional information for what I am eating. I like and feel that I need structure. If I plan for the next day, I am not leaving an open area for me to eat something that is not good for me. I plan to relieve stress. Planning takes time and effort, but it is worth it.

As of today, I have just a little under 6 lbs. to lose by June to reach my ultimate goal. I know I can do this. I will be so happy when I do reach it. I know the journey is not over then. Maintenance can be just as challenging. I am ready for what the future holds.

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