Moving to Georgia Series - day 6

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That first day of moving was a cake walk compared to what we have endured since. Day 2 resulted in all of our loose stuff being packed away, which means dishes, clothes, basically everything we were not taking with us. That made making dinner that evening an adventure as items we were used to having were not available to us. Scooping out ice cream with a plastic spoon is not exactly ideal! We did get a break by getting out to my promotion ceremony, though. That was nice.

The third day of moving was by far the worst - the movers came for a long day of moving our furniture out of the house. I helped when I could, but also spent time loading up the cars and cleaning various things to make the house ready for our tenants to move in the very next day. Our tenants needed to move in ASAP, so we had to hurry up and get out. That resulted in constant stressful activity until around 9:30pm. On top of that, I needed to be at work the next day to accept my Commendation Medal. And, in addition to that, I had to have my car at the repair shop in the morning.

All of those things would not have so bad if we would have gotten even a moderate amount of sleep. The beds in temporary lodging here are just the worst - very hard. Plus, the cats decided to make it a game to get past the folding plastic door into our room. Overall, it was miserable, and we were miserable the whole next day (and the few days after that as well).

Thankfully, our time in billeting is already halfway over and before we know it we will be on our way to Georgia starting our new adventure that will have lots of challenges, but at least we will be where we are going and not where we are leaving. We are so looking forward to it!

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