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DJ and I have been in Georgia now for a couple of weeks. We are living in a hotel room on the post. Things could certainly be a whole lot worse than they are. We are thankful that we are on the first floor. We do not have anyone living above us. We only have neighbors behind us and our left side. We do not have a kitchenette which has made living here for such a long time rough. DJ has helped us make certain purchases to help the room livable. However, that does not keep the feeling of apathy at bay.

DJ has accurately described our living status as a life-sucking death trap. It sure feels that way. We must force ourselves to get out of the bed. It is not that the bed is so comfortable, but we have a hard time getting to sleep, thus getting up when the alarm goes off is a challenge. When I was working at ConAgra, I was getting up at 4am to exercise before work. I was certainly motivated. That is the complete opposite of how I am feeling right now. I want to do the least amount of work possible. I really enjoy watching television. I find myself excited to watch a movie whether it is on the tv or on a dvd that we own or have rented. We make jokes when we go to see movies in the theater. We say that we have escaped the cave and joined civilization. It is a good feeling.

I know that this life-style will end soon. I am so glad that this is our last week living in this hotel room. I have learned again to look at a situation that seems unbearable and find the positive. We have not done well with not talking about the negative, but we did make a list of all the positive things. I am hoping that by going through this experience, we will learn to do the same in the less than ideal situations in the future.

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