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I recently went to the doctors for my annual exam. The doctor heard a murmur and sent me to have an echocardiogram. I was emotional during the procedure. I had never had anyone mention any issues with my heart. The reality of the situation was awakening. Life is so fragile. As I saw my heart on the computer screen and listened to it beat, I was reminded of how the heart is the root of my existence. Without it beating, I die. I now find myself all the more curious about the details of my body. I want to do my best to take care of it. Life is a gift. We only have one shot. I am the only one who controls what I eat. I make the choices. I can be lazy or active. I promise myself that I will do whatever it takes to live as long as I can.

I strongly believe that I am doing the right thing by studying medical terminology. I had the idea come up a couple of times before now and it just did not seem right. Now in my life, I am able to spend time on it and focus. I find myself encouraged when I hear or read a medical term and now understand the terms. I find myself drawn to watch the television show Doctors. I want to continue to hear medical terms each day so they stay fresh in my head.

My ultimate goal is to use this knowledge of medical terminology to help land me a job at the Fort Gordon Hospital. I am currently drawing from unemployment which drives me to gain knowledge to enhance my resume. I am unsure if I want to continue on with coding and billing after this course, but I like the idea of having options for the future. I understand that simply by obtaining this certificate that does not guarantee me a job. However, I strongly believe that if I continue to apply myself and not be intimidated by this new language then the possibilities are endless.

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