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I wanted to have a place to put a list of games that I want to check out at some point so I could refer to it when it came time to get/play a new game. I'll update this as needed.

Cosmic Star Heroine - Phantasy Star like - PS4, Vita
Guild of Dungeoneering - PC/Mobile - RPG ish
Shadowrun - PC
Super Time Force - PC - run and gun, play iwth previous playthroughs
Transistor - PS4/PC - from people who made Bastion
Shovel Knight - side scrolling 8 bit - Wii U/PC
Ghost Song - Metroid like - PC
Hearth Forth, Alicia - Metroid Like - PS4/PC
Axiom Verge - Metroid like - PS4/PC
Ori and the Blind Forest - Metroid Like - PC
Timespinner - Metroid Castlevania like - PS4/PC
No Man's Sky
Armello - digital board game - PC
Magic Duels: Origins - July
Pillars of Eternity - old school RPG
Prismata PC - cards strategy
Earthlock: Festival of Magic - Turn based RPG
Might and Magic Heros VII
SteamWorld Dig
Banner Saga 1 2
World of Final Fantasy
Magic Duel (MtG)
Mighty No 9
Divinity: Origianl Sin Enhanced Edition
Ratchet and Clank
Torment: Tides of Numenera

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