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Kelley / 9 Years Ago

God is teaching me a lot through my animals. I have one dog and two cats. The dog will follow you around. He will sit at your feet and keep them warm. He will snuggle next to you and will stay beside you for hours if you let him. He just wants to be wherever I am. Similarly, God wants to be with us all of the time. We cannot escape Him although sometimes we think we would like that thought. When I am away from my dog, I miss Him. I wouldn't want to be out of God's sight. He wants to protect me just like my dog. Dribble will do his best to fight off strangers. God wants me to be nice to strangers and remember that He is with me through it all. I love my dog. I love his many ways to show love to me. Thank you God for showing love to me through my dog.

My cats on the other hand tend to treat me quite differently. Fumble usually does not want to be picked up and petted. She rarely will get up on my lap and let me love on her. She would rather be alone. Bonus on the other hand usually needs me to entice him with a cat massager for him to get up on my lap and let me love on him. It is great that Bonus comes to me, but it means so much more when he comes without me enticing him, but simply showing that he wants to be with me. It would always hurt my feelings when I would try to love on Fumble and she would meow/whine to have me put her down. I don't want to show more love to one animal over any other. I love them all. God shows me through my cats that He loves me. He wants me to come to Him because I want to be with Him not because of what He can give me. He wants to shower His love on me. It is a love only He can give. He is my source of true love. He is not fickle like my animals. He will always be there. My animals need me. I want to be there for them. I need God. I must run to Him for some much needed love.

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