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Kelley / 2 Years Ago

I am in a unique situation. I want a job, but I really want it to be a good fit. Because of this unique situation I am in over the next year with DJ coming back to visit for a month, I strongly lean towards only temporary work. I am no longer applying for a job unless I really feel it is a job that I want to do. I am not going to force myself into a position. The temporary work is just fine especially until I am done with this course work that ends in May. I do not want to work over-time if I can avoid it. I just came across a job that sounded good at first, but my heart was not sold. I pray that the right door is open and to clearly close all the others. I like that emails about jobs are being sent to me. However, in a way they are saying, "apply over here". I do not like feeling the pressure to apply if my heart is not set on it. I have a lot of emotions about my current situation. I do not want them to cloud my choices. Things are not easy and I know a job while it seems like it would help might not be the best thing for me. I just get up each day and do what I feel I should do and let the chips fall where they may. Some day very soon, I will have a job. It will have its challenges and I will be okay with it. Some day soon, just not today.

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