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Kelley / 8 Years Ago

I keep setting my weight goals and saying I want to be down to 130, but I am not doing what it takes to get there. I am not that far away. That is when things get more challenging. The body does not want to give up those last few pounds.

I must use this website for what it is meant for. I need to keep track of my calories for more than just half a day. I need to limit myself to a certain amount each day. It is the only way I am going to lose this weight.

I am glad that I have been able to maintain my weight and stay just a little under 140 for awhile now. However, my goal is under 130. I have been there before and I know I can get there again. I love noticing the changes in my body. I must achieve this goal for myself. The challenge is to enjoy myself now on the way to where I am going. It is not easy, but it can be done.

It amazes me how often the mind will trick you regarding food. You can be doing just about anything and the thought of some delicious food will come about and you get excited. You think that it would be so wonderful if you could eat that certain item. Then you get to that time and you eat your last bite, do you ever feel disappointed? I know I do. Pizza is good, but it is not all I make it out to be.

Dessert has been a struggle for me for awhile now. I have fallen under this impression that you must have something after dinner. That is clearly not true. I am going back to the trying not to eat after 8pm That rule seems to help me. However, now that I have an interest in cooking healthy recipes, I am drawn towards the healthier desserts. I still find myself torn. If its available, I eat it. I do not think about how many calories it has. I just know it is on the low side. I must use the tools provided to me and let them limit myself. Our bodies will always crave more. That is going against my goal which is to way less.

It is a daily choice. It is an hourly choice. There are so many options of things to eat now a days that it can be overwhelming. Relax! Enjoy your life!

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