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I am so glad that I lost .4 lbs this past week. It is mainly due to Jillian Michaels kicking my butt. She is a professional trainer from the Biggest Loser. ( I started watching that show this season. I enjoy it. I find it motivating and inspirational let alone being informative.)

I have felt in a rut regarding my exercise routine. I am certainly proud of my running, but I wanted some more guidance. I wanted a personal trainer. I went online and started reading reviews about Jillian Michaels workout videos. Someone strongly suggested that if you're thinking about a personal trainer, save the money and get this lady's videos. She is tough. It is so true. I am being pushed and it feels so good. What I really like is the idea of being able to do these workouts even after I start back to work.

Also when I was reading reviews online, I read where a lady was working out using ExerciseTV to use Jillian Michaels videos. I thought I would look into it. ExerciseTV offers tons of videos. I started looking into the 2 weeks to a New You program, but knew that I wanted to see what Jillian had to offer. She has a 30 slim down plan. I saved the plan on my computer and I am now on day 6. Yesterday's workout was the hardest.

I hoped for a bigger weight loss this past week, but I have to look at the whole picture. Once again, I did not keep track of all of my calories. I did not limit myself much. I believe that if I did keep track of my calories to the best of my ability and made sure to do at least a half an hour on the elliptical or treadmill then I would see better results. Plus, this program is only going to be more challenging on week 2. I am looking forward to the progress.

I can certainly tell that I am gaining muscle tone. It is a huge motivation. I printed out a picture of myself where I really like how I look. I taped that picture on the cabinet where DJ has all of his snacks. I certainly know that I have trigger foods. I am comforted that I am not just folding in the face of adversity, but instead I am fighting head on.

This will be a most excellent week. Let's live it to the full!

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