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Kelley / 8 Years Ago

I just completed reading the book titled, Never Give Up! by Joyce Meyer. This book was certainly motivational. Times get hard and you need to have someone encourage you to not quit. You don't gain anything by starting or quitting only if you finish your goal. I am determined in life to never give up.

Times are a bit rough for our family right now. It seems that we keep facing one struggle after another. Despite the facts, DJ and I are still here. We are getting stronger as we stand in the rain. God promises us to not take us through anything we cannot handle with His help. I think we often forget that. We try so hard to do things on our own power. Face it, we are weak. We struggle every day to make good choices. It is only when we do our part and let God do His that we find freedom and peace.

Life is too short to spend it worrying about the future. Plan for the future and learn from your past, but don't stop enjoying today!

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