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We've been in Virginia for a little over 5 weeks now and things are finally starting to settle down a bit, thankfully. My job will get more normal next week and Kelley's job search will ramp up once the holidays are over. The house is basically in order, just a few things remain to be done/organized. Next up is finding a church and hopefully making a few local friends. Starting over somewhere is challenging, but this is the 4th time we've had to do it (Iceland, Nebraska, Georgia), so I know we are up to the challenge.


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    Saturday, July 8th, 2017

    The Air Force saw fit to not promote me to Senior Master Sergeant this year (not a huge surprise, honestly - it is a hard rank to make). Thus, we get to stay at Langley Air Force Base for a while longer. The Air Force will not move us again unless I end up getting promoted next year or the year after. The decision now is whether to retire or not, but as long as Kelley is happy enough at her job here, I'll stay in.

    There are still challenges, to be sure, but we'll face them and overcome them one at a time. I plan on starting my Master's Degree in November. That will be a big change and a big challenge. I want to be ready for what comes after the military, no matter when that happens to be.

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