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Wow, even before the coronavirus came along, 2020 was already a horror show for a variety of reasons. Now we're here, over 3 weeks into near isolation, working from home, doing school, and basically in a time warp of weirdness. What day is it? We're watching a bunch of movies in our office while working, but other than what movie we're watching, the days are very similar and bleed into one another. The crazy part is that this may last 3 more weeks or even longer.

It is certainly not all bad. We are lucky to both have our jobs and remain financially secure. It does make school easier because I have less work to do. Our dog must love it because he hardly ever has to go in his crate anymore. Our cars are getting less wear and tear and we'll get an insurance rebate. We're still healthy and we have enough toilet paper. It is going to be ok, but man this sure is weird.

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