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It has been 15 months since I posted anything here, but the site is still alive and so are we. I have two main excuses for the long absence: first, college - I just finished up my Master's Degree and so that is out of the way, but it did mentally exhaust me for a long time. Second, I am finally getting back to working on The Awesome Theory, this time as a web-based idle RPG game. You can check it out via the Awesome Theory link at the top of the page - it is not near release-ready yet, but I've been working on it for a bit over a year now and it is really coming along.

My goal is to work on this site a bit over the holidays to get it caught up with photos and what is going on with us and such. We have some potentially big news coming down the pipe, but we're still a little in the dark about our future. Stay tuned for some potentially mega news soon!

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