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Lots of things going on...
Kelley's new job moved us to Peoria, Illinois about a month ago. Our house is big and sweet and mostly set up and unpacked now. The town is small with virtually no traffic which is a nice change from San Antonio. The only thing I don't like about the change is that I miss our pool. I loved having a pool. Maybe we'll have one someday again, but it is going to be a minute. Peoria overall is great, and I think we'll be happy here.

That job I had lined up at Liberty Mutual lasted about 6 months before it was eliminated in a major restructuring at the company. Far from being sad about it, I am relieved, as I feel like I needed more of a break after 26 years in the military. So now, I am going to work on my game, Awesome Theory Idle, and projects around the house until maybe January and then we'll see where my head is at.

Whew, it has been a bonkers year so far but it looks like things are slowing down, finally. Time to take a breath and enjoy life.

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