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Kelley / 8 Years Ago

Life is too short to not enjoy it. As my spiritual grandmother likes to say, "Be happy where you're at while you're on your way to where you're going". I love it! Now, if I could only just implement it into my every day life.

There are five necessary things in life I heard someone say: food, water, shelter, sleep, and love. I am not sure if you agree with that list, but right now the one that sticks out to me is SLEEP. I am not getting enough sleep on a consistent basis. I have the personality that is always striving for perfection. I am not going to be productive if I am weak and tired.

I am going to implement a new plan into my life. I HAVE to get 7 hours of sleep. I must adjust other things on top of those five needs listed above around the sleep. I cannot reach my goals by running myself ragged. I want to as healthy and fit as I can be. I am not bad the way I am, but I know I can be so much better. I am not going crazy about things though some would disagree. God understood the importance of resting. I must do the same.

This week will be different. I hope that I come back next Saturday and share about how better I feel. I want to share that I am motivated rather than depleted. I have high goals for myself including going back to school to complete my masters degree. I will not be able to achieve those goals without enough rest. Lord, help me help myself.

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