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My wonderful mother called me this afternoon and told me the 2009 Rose Bowl was airing on the Big Ten Network. She wanted to give me an opportunity to watch the Buckeyes beat Oregon one more time. I enjoyed the game. I found myself cheering when we scored as if I was watching the game live. I found it comforting to know that we win.

Over the past few weeks, I have struggled in many areas of my life. It is as if I have become obsessed with making the right choice with everything that I do. I am not confident. My perfectionism has gone to a whole new level. I am certainly not happy so something must change.

I love football. I love to watch Ohio State football. I enjoy it so much that I would take time to sit down and watch a game when I already know the result. Who doesn't enjoy a happy ending? Who does not like watching their team win?

I find myself baffled at the fact that I would make time for my Buckeyes, but not for God. I am a HUGE fan of the Buckeyes. Anyone who knows me can tell. I do not keep it a secret. I wear it proud. Where is my devotion to God? Can people tell I am a HUGE fan of Him?

As I said earlier, something must change. My family cannot do it. It is up to me to make this change. WATCH OUT!

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