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Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox for winning their first World Series in 88 years. I am not very surprised that the Sox won it, but I am shocked that it was a sweep. With all the pitching that Houston has, one would have thought they could at least get a game, especially at home. They just got done beating up the team with best record in baseball, after all. I am curious if Clemens will be back next year, and if Houston can make another run, or if its window has closed. Even a good ways into the season, my friend Josh and I still thought that Minnesota would come and take that division.

Like so many others, we did not give the Sox any credit. The same thing happened with that late season swoon. The White Sox were underdogs in their first playoff match up with the Red Sox. They sure debunked that version of reality. I am personally shocked that both of the teams I wanted to make it to the World Series actually did make it (out of all the playoff teams). That has not happened in quite some time.

Now the long countdown to another season begins. Which teams will help themselves enough to make a significant difference next year? I had rumblings that the Brewers may make a playoff run for the first time in a long time. One team I have not heard any good news about, however, is the Detroit Tigers. My favorite team and once proud franchise has fallen on hard times and simply cannot pick itself up. Personally, I think it is short-sightedness and poor judging of talent.

Detroit has made so many bad investments in players over the years it is sickening. Plus, it seems Detroit cannot develop very much good talent in the minor leagues, either. I am most upset by the firing of manager Alan Trammell. Trammell was my favorite player growing up. He was an excellent shortstop, usually in the top 2 or 3 in the league every year. He won the 1984 World Series MVP and should have own the 1987 MVP, but finished second to George Bell. Bell had more home runs, but Trammell was superior in every other offensive category, and played a premium defensive position, and played it well. Bell was a DH/1B/OF, i.e. the places you stick guys who can't field worth a lick.

Trammell was shaping up to be a good manager. I feel there was no just cause for his firing. Sure, he did not have a good record, but he inherited perhaps the worst team of all time to get started with. The best manager of all time would not have gotten many more wins. Plus, there were plenty of injuries to derail the Tigers this year, and that was something he could not control. That was a totally stupid move, and Leyland (the new Tigers manager), will not do any better unless the front office gets their act together and gets better players on the field. I am so incensed by this that I am actually tempted to root against the Tigers and stop being a fan. Trammell was a loyal Detroit icon and the Tigers treated him like refuse. What a crock.

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