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1. Prayer is communication with/to God. When I pray, I tell Him how thankful I am for various things. (I can never be too thankful, especially because I cannot repay Him.) I make requests not really for physical things, but for help, wisdom, patience, self-control. etc I can pray anywhere. If I am standing at a fax machine at work, I can pray. If I am in my car, I can pray. I am encouraged that as of late, I am praying more. It might not be a huge change, but I can tell that it is more. I feel that I am recognizing that He is with me all of the time. He truly is a prayer away.
2. What does it mean to devote yourself to prayer?
1. Devotion to prayer can mean a few things. It can mean that you discipline yourself on a daily basis to set aside time specifically for prayer to God. (This is an area I am working on.) It can also be like I shared in the first question. I can devote myself to constantly be in communion with God. I go through my day noticing the tiniest of things and telling Him thank you. Devotion to me means that there is almost nothing that would keep you from doing a certain activity. So, it is great that we are not held down to a building or a time. We can pray whenever, wherever. He is just waiting to hear us.
3. What would that devotion look like in the real world? 1. It means more than saying, “ I’ll pray for you.” It is about showing the love for God and using prayer as a tool .

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