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Last Shadow, TheCard, Orson ScottShadows (Ender)6Science Fiction3 Dec 2023Reading Now7
Three-Body Problem, TheLiu, CixinRemembrance of Earth's Past1Science Fiction10 Nov 20233 Dec 20236[?]
RedshirtsScalzi, JohnScience Fiction2 Nov 20239 Nov 20237[?]
Last Emperox, TheScalzi, JohnInterdependency3Science Fiction24 Oct 20231 Nov 20237[?]
Consuming Fire, TheScalzi, JohnInterdependency2Science Fiction17 Oct 202324 Oct 20237[?]
Burning White, TheWeeks, BrentLightbringer5Fantasy18 Sep 202317 Oct 20238[?]
Light BringerBrown, PierceRed Rising6Science Fiction29 Aug 202317 Sep 20239[?]
Blood Mirror, TheWeeks, BrentLightbringer4Fantasy29 Jun 202328 Aug 20238
Broken Eye, TheWeeks, BrentLightbringer3Fantasy12 May 202328 Jun 20238
Children of MemoryTchaikovsky, AdrianScience Fiction15 Apr 20234 May 20238[?]
Heir of FireMaas, SarahThrone of Glass3Fantasy15 Mar 202315 Apr 20238[?]
Soldier, TheAsher, NealRise of the Jain (Polity Unive1Science Fiction7 Feb 202315 Mar 20238[?]
Lost Metal, TheSanderson, BrandonMistborn: Wax & Wayne4Fantasy8 Jan 20236 Feb 20239[?]
White Rose, TheCook, DavidChronicles of the Black Compan3Fantasy20 Dec 20227 Jan 20237[?]
Shadows LingerCook, DavidChronicles of the Black Compan2Fantasy2 Dec 202220 Dec 20227[?]
Black Company, TheCook, GlenChronicles of the Black Compan1Fantasy2 Nov 20222 Dec 20227[?]
Rhythm of WarSanderson, BrandonStormlight Archive4Fantasy10 Jul 20222 Nov 20229[?]
DawnshardSanderson, BrandonStormlight Archive4Fantasy3 Jul 202210 Jul 20228[?]
Blinding Knife, TheWeeks, BrentLightbringer2Fantasy4 Jun 20223 Jul 20229[?]
Black Prism, TheWeeks, BrentLightbringer1Fantasy1 May 20223 Jun 20229[?]
Crown of MidnightMaas, SarahThrone of Glass2Fantasy31 Mar 202230 Apr 20228
Voyage of the Sable Keech, TheAsher, NealSpatterjay Trilogy (Polity Uni2Science Fiction26 Jan 202230 Mar 20226[?]
Skinner, TheAsher, NealSpatterjay Trilogy (Polity Uni1Science Fiction14 Jan 202223 Jan 20227[?]
Throne of GlassMaas, SarahThrone of Glass1Fantasy23 Dec 202114 Jan 20227[?]
Ender in ExileCard, Orson ScottEnder2Science Fiction27 Nov 202122 Dec 20218[?]
Perfect ShadowWeeks, BrentNight Angel TrilogyFantasy21 Nov 202126 Nov 20217[?]
OathbringerSanderson, BrandonStormlight Archive3Fantasy16 Aug 202121 Nov 20219[?]
Shadows in FlightCard, Orson ScottShadows (Ender)5Science Fiction3 Aug 202116 Aug 20217[?]
Arcanum UnboundSanderson, BrandonFantasy16 Jul 20213 Aug 20218[?]
Fall of Hyperion, TheSimmons, DanHyperion2Science Fiction16 Jun 202116 Jul 20217[?]
HyperionSimmons, DanHyperion1Science Fiction13 May 202116 Jun 20216[?]
Words of RadianceSanderson, BrandonStormlight Archive2Fantasy26 Mar 202112 May 202110[?]
DuneHerbert, FrankDune1Science Fiction2 Feb 202125 Mar 20216[?]
Way of Kings, TheSanderson, BrandonStormlight Archive1Fantasy14 Nov 20201 Feb 20219[?]
Mistborn: Secret HistorySanderson, BrandonMistbornFantasy5 Nov 202013 Nov 20208[?]
Line WarAsher, NealIan Cormac5Science Fiction24 Sep 20203 Nov 20208[?]
Polity AgentAsher, NealIan Cormac4Science Fiction8 Aug 202023 Sep 20207
Ocean at the End of the Lane, TheGaiman, NeilFantasy29 Jul 20207 Aug 20207[?]
Collapsing Empire, TheScalzi, JohnInterdependency1Science Fiction4 Jul 202028 Jul 20207[?]
Circle, TheEggers, DaveGeneral Fiction3 Jun 20203 Jul 20205[?]
Brass ManAsher, NealIan Cormac3Science Fiction31 Jan 20202 Jun 20207[?]
Dark AgeBrown, PierceRed Rising5Science Fiction18 Dec 201931 Jan 20209[?]
Children of RuinTchaikovsky, AdrianScience Fiction1 Oct 201918 Dec 20199[?]
Line of the Polity, TheAsher, NealIan Cormac2Science Fiction11 Aug 201930 Sep 20197[?]
Assassin's QuestHobb, RobinFarseer Trilogy3Fantasy18 Jun 201910 Aug 20198[?]
Royal AssassinHobb, RobinFarseer Trilogy2Fantasy27 May 201918 Jun 20198
Assassin's ApprenticeHobb, RobinFarseer Trilogy1Fantasy27 Apr 201927 May 20198[?]
GridlinkedAsher, NealIan Cormac1Science Fiction4 Mar 201927 Apr 20196[?]
Storm FrontButcher, JimDresden Files, The 1Fantasy11 Feb 20193 Mar 20197[?]
Iron GoldBrown, PierceRed Rising4Science Fiction12 Dec 201810 Feb 20199[?]
Morning StarBrown, PierceRed Rising3Science Fiction10 Nov 201811 Dec 201810[?]
Golden SonBrown, PierceRed Rising2Science Fiction5 Oct 20189 Nov 201810[?]
Red RisingBrown, PierceRed Rising1Science Fiction29 Sep 20181 Oct 201810[?]
Playing for the GodsRawn, MelanieGlass Thorns, The5Fantasy22 Aug 201826 Sep 20188[?]
Prador MoonAsher, NealScience Fiction26 Sep 201826 Sep 20189[?]
Rise of the Iron DwarfSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Companions Codex)3Fantasy27 Jul 201820 Aug 20188[?]
Children of TimeTchaikovsky, AdrianScience Fiction15 Jul 201819 Jul 20189[?]
Rise of the KingSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Companions Codex)2Fantasy11 Jun 201813 Jul 20188[?]
Dark MatterCrouch, BlakeScience Fiction1 Jun 201810 Jun 20188[?]
Night of the HunterSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Companions Codex)1Fantasy8 Apr 201831 May 20187[?]
Beyond the ShadowsWeeks, BrentNight Angel Trilogy3Fantasy17 Mar 20188 Apr 20189[?]
Infinity EngineAsher, NealTransformation3Science Fiction25 Feb 201817 Mar 20189[?]
Shadow's EdgeWeeks, BrentNight Angel Trilogy2Fantasy22 Jan 201824 Feb 20189[?]
Way of ShadowsWeeks, BrentNight Angel Trilogy1Fantasy25 Dec 201722 Jan 20189[?]
StardustGaiman, NeilFantasy30 Nov 201724 Dec 20176[?]
War FactoryAsher, NealTransformation2Science Fiction1 Oct 201729 Nov 20179
Window WallRawn, MelanieGlass Thorns, The4Fantasy18 Aug 201730 Sep 20177
Dark IntelligenceAsher, NealTransformation1Science Fiction22 Jul 201717 Aug 20179[?]
CalamitySanderson, BrandonReckoners, The3Science Fiction1 Jul 201722 Jul 20178[?]
FirefightSanderson, BrandonReckoners, The2Science Fiction14 Jun 201730 Jun 20178
Bands of Mourning, TheSanderson, BrandonMistborn: Wax & Wayne3Fantasy24 May 201714 Jun 20179[?]
Shadows of SelfSanderson, BrandonMistborn: Wax & Wayne2Fantasy3 May 201724 May 20179[?]
ThornlostRawn, MelanieGlass Thorns, The3Fantasy3 Apr 20171 May 20177[?]
SteelheartSanderson, BrandonReckoners, The1Fantasy21 Mar 20172 Apr 20178[?]
StrakenBrooks, TerryHigh Druid of Shannara3Fantasy8 Mar 201720 Mar 20178[?]
TanequilBrooks, TerryHigh Druid of Shannara2Fantasy26 Feb 20178 Mar 20177[?]
Alloy of Law, TheSanderson, BrandonMistborn: Wax & Wayne1Fantasy12 Feb 201725 Feb 20179[?]
End of All Things, TheScalzi, JohnOld Man's War6Science Fiction10 Feb 201712 Feb 20178[?]
Human Division, TheScalzi, JohnOld Man's War5Science Fiction22 Jan 201710 Feb 20177[?]
Zoe's TaleScalzi, JohnOld Man's War4Science Fiction8 Jan 201721 Jan 20177[?]
Slow Regard of Silent Things, TheRothfuss, PatrickKingkiller ChroniclesFantasy28 Dec 20168 Jan 20177[?]
ElsewhensRawn, MelanieGlass Thorns, The2Fantasy20 Oct 201627 Dec 20167[?]
High Druid of Shannara: Jarka RuusBrooks, TerryHigh Druid of ShannaraFantasy10 Jun 201619 Oct 20167[?]
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Dick, Phillip K.Science Fiction1 May 201610 May 20167[?]
TouchstoneRawn, MelanieGlass Thorns, The1Fantasy9 Apr 201630 Apr 20167[?]
WatchmenMoore, AlanScience Fiction2 Apr 20168 Apr 20166[?]
Golden Key, TheRawn/Roberson/ElloittFantasy17 Jan 20161 Apr 20168[?]
Havana StormCussler, CliveDirk Pitt20General Fiction5 Nov 201516 Jan 20166[?]
Companions, TheSalvatore, R.A.The Sundering1Fantasy3 Nov 20154 Nov 20159[?]
Ready Player OneCline, ErnestScience Fiction2 Nov 20153 Nov 20158[?]
Earth AwakensCard, Orson ScottEnder Prequel3Science Fiction21 Aug 20151 Nov 20158[?]
Earth AfireCard, Orson ScottEnder Prequel2Science Fiction30 Jul 201519 Aug 20158[?]
Earth UnawareCard, Orson ScottEnder Prequel1Science Fiction18 Jun 201530 Jul 20158[?]
Princess Bride, TheGoldman, WilliamFantasy8 Apr 201518 Jun 20157[?]
WarbreakerSanderson, BrandonFantasy31 Jan 20158 Apr 20159[?]
Agent to the StarsScalzi, JohnScience Fiction5 Jan 201531 Jan 20157[?]
Ancillary JusticeLeckie, AnnImperial Radch1Science Fiction6 Dec 20145 Jan 20158[?]
ElantrisSanderson, BrandonFantasy4 Oct 20146 Dec 20147
OmenGolden, ChristieStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi2Science Fiction27 Jul 20144 Oct 20147[?]
AllegientRoth, VeronicaDivergent3Science Fiction3 Jul 201427 Jul 20148
InsurgentRoth, VeronicaDivergent2Science Fiction20 Jun 20143 Jul 20147
DivergentRoth, VeronicaDivergent1Science Fiction1 Jun 201420 Jun 20147[?]
Hero of Ages, TheSanderson, BrandonMistborn3Fantasy9 Apr 20141 Jun 20149[?]
Well of Ascension, TheSanderson, BrandonMistborn2Fantasy12 Mar 20149 Apr 20149[?]
Mistborn: The Final EmpireSanderson, BrandonMistborn1Fantasy13 Feb 201411 Mar 201410[?]
The Last ThresholdSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Neverwinter)4Fantasy6 Dec 201313 Feb 20148[?]
Charon's ClawSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Neverwinter)3Fantasy8 Aug 20136 Dec 20138
NeverwinterSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Neverwinter)2Fantasy24 Jun 20138 Aug 20138
Promise of the Witch King, TheSalvatore, R.A.Sellswords, The2Fantasy24 May 201324 Jun 20138
Dragons of the Hourglass MageWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyLost Chronicles, The3Fantasy15 Apr 201323 May 20138
OutcastAllston, AaronStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi1Science Fiction30 Dec 201114 Apr 20138
Dance with Dragons, AMartin, George R.R.Song of Ice and Fire, A5Fantasy22 Dec 20128 Mar 20139[?]
Feast for Crows, AMartin, George R.R.Song of Ice and Fire, A4Fantasy18 Oct 201220 Dec 20129
Storm of Swords, AMartin, George R.R.Song of Ice and Fire, A3Fantasy18 Sep 201218 Oct 20129[?]
Clash of KingsMartin, George R.R.Song of Ice and Fire, A2Fantasy18 Aug 201218 Sep 20128[?]
Game of Thrones, AMartin, George R.R.Song of Ice and Fire, A1Fantasy18 Jun 201218 Aug 20129[?]
Door into Summer, AHeinlein, Robert A.Science Fiction11 Jun 201218 Jun 20127[?]
GauntlgrymSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Neverwinter)1Fantasy14 Apr 201210 Jun 20128[?]
Wise Man's Fear, ARothfuss, PatrickKingkiller Chronicles2Fantasy9 Mar 201213 Apr 201210[?]
BloodhypeFoster, Alan DeanFlinx and Pip4Science Fiction9 Feb 20128 Mar 20127[?]
SomaPlatt, CharlesAton4Science Fiction29 Jan 20129 Feb 20126[?]
NeuromancerGibson, WilliamSprawl Trilogy1Science Fiction28 Dec 201127 Jan 20128[?]
End of the Matter, TheFoster, Alan DeanFlinx and Pip3Science Fiction9 Dec 201127 Dec 20117[?]
Orphan StarFoster, Alan DeanFlinx and Pip2Science Fiction17 Nov 20119 Dec 20117[?]
Tar-Aiym Krang, TheFoster, Alan DeanFlinx and Pip1Christian Fiction12 Oct 201116 Nov 20117[?]
For Love of Mother-NotFoster, Alan DeanFlinx and Pip-1Science Fiction16 Sep 201112 Oct 20118[?]
Debt of BonesGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth-1Fantasy11 Sep 201115 Sep 20117[?]
PlasmPlatt, CharlesAton3Science Fiction7 Sep 201110 Sep 20118[?]
Shadow of the GiantCard, Orson ScottShadows (Ender)4Science Fiction1 Sep 20117 Sep 20118[?]
Dragons of the Highlord SkiesWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyLost Chronicles, The2Fantasy7 Jul 201131 Aug 20118[?]
CradleClarke, Arthur C.Science Fiction1 Jul 20117 Jul 20115[?]
Android's Dream, TheScalzi, JohnScience Fiction4 Jun 201130 Jun 20118[?]
Ghost King, TheSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Transitions)3Fantasy4 Apr 20114 Jun 20117[?]
Mote in God's Eye, TheNiven, LarryScience Fiction18 Apr 201111 May 20118[?]
Dragons of the Dwarven DepthsWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyLost Chronicles, The1Fantasy22 Feb 20114 Apr 20117[?]
Pirate King, TheSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Transitions)2Fantasy19 Jan 201121 Feb 20118[?]
The Name of the WindRothfuss, PatrickKingkiller Chronicles1Fantasy15 Dec 201019 Jan 201110[?]
WhiteDekker, TedCircle Trilogy3Christian Fiction3 Nov 201015 Dec 20109
Orc King, TheSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf (Transitions)1Fantasy8 Oct 20103 Nov 20109
Children of Flux and AnchorChalker, Jack L.Soul Rider5Science Fiction1 Sep 20108 Oct 20106[?]
Birth of Flux and AnchorChalker, Jack L.Soul Rider4Science Fiction5 Aug 20101 Sep 20107
Masters of Flux and AnchorChalker, Jack L.Soul Rider3Fantasy12 Jul 20105 Aug 20107
Empires of Flux and AnchorChalker, Jack L.Soul Rider2Fantasy2 Jul 201011 Jul 20107[?]
Spirits of Flux and AnchorChalker, Jack L.Soul Rider1Fantasy27 Jun 20102 Jul 20108[?]
Shadow PuppetsCard, Orson ScottShadows (Ender)3Science Fiction15 Jun 201027 Jun 20107[?]
RedDekker, TedCircle Trilogy2Christian Fiction28 May 201015 Jun 20108[?]
Millennium FalconLuceno, JamesScience Fiction9 May 201015 May 20107
Shadow of the HedgemonCard, Orson ScottShadows (Ender)2Science Fiction2 May 20109 May 20107[?]
Forever War, TheHaldeman, JoeScience Fiction27 Apr 20102 May 20108[?]
InvincibleDenning, TroyLegacy of the Force9Science Fiction21 Apr 201027 Apr 20108[?]
RevelationTraviss, KarenLegacy of the Force8Science Fiction10 Apr 201021 Apr 20108
FuryAllston, AaronLegacy of the Force7Science Fiction3 Apr 201010 Apr 20108
InfernoDenning, TroyLegacy of the Force6Science Fiction18 Mar 20103 Apr 20108
SacrificeTraviss, KarenLegacy of the Force5Science Fiction4 Mar 201018 Mar 20108
ExileAllston, AaronLegacy of the Force4Science Fiction20 Feb 20104 Mar 20108
TempestDenning, TroyLegacy of the Force3Science Fiction6 Feb 201019 Feb 20108[?]
BlackDekker, TedCircle Trilogy1Christian Fiction23 Jan 20106 Feb 20108[?]
Worthing Saga, TheCard, Orson ScottScience Fiction11 Jan 201023 Jan 20107[?]
Pawn of ProphecyEddings, DavidBelgariad1FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Queen of SorceryEddings, DavidBelgariad2FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Dark Tide I: OnslaughtStackpole, MichaelNew Jedi Order2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Dark Tide II: RuinStackpole, MichaelNew Jedi Order3Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Magician's GambitEddings, DavidBelgariad3FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Agents of Chaos I: Hero's TrialLuceno, JamesNew Jedi Order4Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Spell for Chameleon, AAnthony, PiersXanth1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Agents of Chaos II: Jedi EclipseLuceno, JamesNew Jedi Order5Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Source of Magic, TheAnthony, PiersXanth2FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Balance PointTyers, KathyNew Jedi Order6Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Ender's GameCard, Orson ScottEnder Quartet1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Edge of Victory I: ConquestKeyes, GregNew Jedi Order7Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
DragonlfightMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of Pern1Science FictionUnknownUnknown10[?]
DragonquestMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of Pern2Science FictionUnknownUnknown10
Edge of Victory II: RebirthKeyes, GregNew Jedi Order8Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
White Dragon, TheMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of Pern3Science FictionUnknownUnknown10[?]
Star by StarDenning, TroyNew Jedi Order9Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Castle of WizardryEddings, DavidBelgariad4FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Dark JourneyCunningham, ElaineNew Jedi Order10Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Enchanter's End GameEddings, DavidBelgariad5FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Enemy Lines I: Rebel DreamAllston, AaronNew Jedi Order11Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Wizard's First RuleGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Enemy Lines II: Rebel StandAllston, AaronNew Jedi Order12Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
TraitorStover, MatthewNew Jedi Order13Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Destiny's WayWilliams, Walter JohnNew Jedi Order14Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Stone of TearsGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth2FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Force Heretic I: RemnantWilliams, Sean & Dix, ShaneNew Jedi Order15Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Guardians of the WestEddings, DavidMalloreon1FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Force Heretic II: RefugeeWilliams, Sean & Dix, ShaneNew Jedi Order16Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
King of the MurgosEddings, DavidMalloreon2FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Force Heretic III: ReunionWilliams, Sean & Dix, ShaneNew Jedi Order17Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Demon Lord of KarandaEddings, DavidMalloreon3FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Final Prophecy, TheKeyes, GregNew Jedi Order18Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Sorceress of DarshivaEddings, DavidMalloreon4FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Seeress of Kell, TheEddings, DavidMalloreon5FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Unifying Force, TheLuceno, JamesNew Jedi Order19Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Belgarath the SorcererEddings, DavidFantasyUnknownUnknown9
Shadow of the EmpirePerry, SteveScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
Polgara the SorceressEddings, DavidFantasyUnknownUnknown9
Truce at Bakura, TheTyers, KathyScience FictionUnknownUnknown9
Rivan CodexEddings, DavidFantasyUnknownUnknown8
Courtship of Princess Leia, TheWolverton, DaveScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
Diamond Throne, TheEddings, DavidElenium1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Heir to the EmpireZahn, TimothyThrawn Trilogy1Science FictionUnknownUnknown10
Ruby Knight, TheEddings, DavidElenium2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Dark Force RisingZahn, TimothyThrawn Trilogy2Science FictionUnknownUnknown10
Sapphire RoseEddings, DavidElenium3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Last Command, TheZahn, TimothyThrawn Trilogy3Science FictionUnknownUnknown10
Domes of FireEddings, DavidTamuli1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Jedi SearchAnderson, Kevin J.Jedi Academy Trilogy1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Shining Ones, TheEddings, DavidTamuli2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Dark ApprenticeAnderson, Kevin J.Jedi Academy Trilogy2Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Hidden City, TheEddings, DavidTamuli3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Champions of the ForceAnderson, Kevin J.Jedi Academy Trilogy3Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Redemption of AlthalusEddings, DavidFantasyUnknownUnknown9
Crystal Star, TheMcIntyre, VondaScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
Regina's SongEddings, DavidGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown5[?]
Before the StormKube-McDowell, Michael P.Black Fleet Crisis1Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Elder Gods, TheEddings, DavidDreamers1FantasyUnknownUnknown6
Shield of LiesKube-McDowell, Michael P.Black Fleet Crisis2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Treasured One, TheEddings, DavidDreamers2FantasyUnknownUnknown6
Tyrant's TestKube-McDowell, Michael P.Black Fleet Crisis3Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
DragonsdawnMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
New Rebellion, TheRusch, Kristine KathrynScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
DragonsongMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
Specter of the PastZahn, TimothyHand of Thrawn1Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
DragonsingerMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
Vision of the FutureZahn, TimothyHand of Thrawn2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
DragondrumsMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernFantasyUnknownUnknown8
Survivor's QuestZahn, TimothyScience FictionUnknownUnknown8
Moreta: Dragonlady of PernMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernScience FictionUnknownUnknown9
Joiner King, TheDenning, TroyDark Nest Trilogy1Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Nerilka's StoryMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernFantasyUnknownUnknown8
Unseen Queen, TheDenning, TroyDark Nest Trilogy2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Renegades of Pern, TheMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of Pern4Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Swarm War, TheDenning, TroyDark Nest Trilogy3Christian FictionUnknownUnknown8
All the Weyrs of PernMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of Pern5Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Skies of Pern, TheMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of Pern6Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Dragon's KinMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernScience FictionUnknownUnknown7
Dragon's FireMcCaffrey, AnneDragonriders of PernScience FictionUnknownUnknown7
Rowan, TheMcCaffrey, AnneTower and the Hive1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
DamiaMcCaffrey, AnneTower and the Hive2Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
HorselordsCook, DavidEmpire Trilogy (Forgotten Real1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Damia's ChildrenMcCaffrey, AnneTower and the Hive3Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
DragonwallDenning, TroyEmpire Trilogy (Forgotten RealFantasyUnknownUnknown8
Lyon's PrideMcCaffrey, AnneTower and the Hive4Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
CrusadeLowder, JamesEmpire Trilogy (Forgotten Real3FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Tower and the Hive, TheMcCaffrey, AnneTower and the Hive5Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Darkwalker on MoonshaeNiles, DouglasMoonshae Trilogy1FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Battle CircleAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown10[?]
Black WizardsNiles, DouglasMoonshae Trilogy2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
ChthonAnthony, PiersAton1Science FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
DarkwellNiles, DouglasMoonshae Trilogy3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
PhthorAnthony, PiersAton2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Legend of Huma, TheKnaack, Richard A.Heroes (Dragonlance)1FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Split InfinityAnthony, PiersApprentice Adept1FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Time of the TwinsWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyLegends (Dragonlance)1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Blue AdeptAnthony, PiersApprentice Adept2FantasyUnknownUnknown10
War of the TwinsWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyLegends (Dragonlance)2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
JuxtapositionAnthony, PiersApprentice Adept3FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Test of the TwinsWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyLegends (Dragonlance)3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Out of PhaseAnthony, PiersApprentice Adept4FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Dragons of a Fallen SunWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyWar of Souls1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Robot AdeptAnthony, PiersApprentice Adept5FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Dragons of a Lost StarWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyWar of Souls2FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Unicorn PointAnthony, PiersApprentice Adept6FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Dragons of a Vanished MoonWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyWar of Souls3FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Phaze DoubtAnthony, PiersApprentice Adept7FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Stranger in a Strange LandHeinlein, Robert A.Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
RefugeeAnthony, PiersBio of a Space Tyrant1Science FictionUnknownUnknown10[?]
Past Through Tomorrow, TheHeinlein, Robert A.Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
MercenaryAnthony, PiersBio of a Space Tyrant2Science FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
2001: A Space OdysseyClarke, Arhtur C.Space Odyssey1Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
PoliticianAnthony, PiersBio of a Space Tyrant3Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
2010: Odyssey TwoClarke, Arhtur C.Space Odyssey2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
ExecutiveAnthony, PiersBio of a Space Tyrant4Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
2061: Odyssey ThreeClarke, Arthur C.Space Odyssey3Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
StatesmanAnthony, PiersBio of a Space Tyrant5Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
3001: The Final OdysseyClarke, Arthur C.Space Odyssey4Science FictionUnknownUnknown6
ClusterAnthony, PiersCluster1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
Songs of Distant Earth, TheClarke, Arthur C.Science FictionUnknownUnknown7
Chaining the LadyAnthony, PiersCluster2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Circle at CenterNiles, DouglasSeven Circles1FantasyUnknownUnknown6[?]
Kirlian QuestAnthony, PiersCluster3Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Charlotte's WebWhite, E.B.General FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
ThousandstarAnthony, PiersCluster4Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Identity Matrix, TheChalker, Jack L.Science FictionUnknownUnknown7
Viscous CircleAnthony, PiersCluster5Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Dragon PrinceRawn, MelanieDragon Prince Trilogy1FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Firm, TheGrisham, JohnGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Star Scroll, TheRawn, MelanieDragon Prince Trilogy2FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Client, TheGrisham, JohnGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Sunrunner's FireRawn, MelanieDragon Prince Trilogy3FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Time to Kill, AGrisham, JohnGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
StrongholdRawn, MelanieDragon Star Trilogy1FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Isle of WomanAnthony, PiersGeodyssey1General FictionUnknownUnknown6[?]
Dragon Token, TheRawn, MelanieDragon Star Trilogy2FantasyUnknownUnknown10
On a Pale HorseAnthony, PiersIncarnations of Immortality1FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
SkybowlRawn, MelanieDragon Star Trilogy3FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Bearing an HourglassAnthony, PiersIncarnations of Immortality2FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Ruins of Ambrai, TheRawn, MelanieExiles1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
With a Tangled SkeinAnthony, PiersIncarnations of Immortality3FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Mageborn Traitor, TheRawn, MelanieExiles2FantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
Wielding a Red SwordAnthony, PiersIncarnations of Immortality4FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Raven Swordmistress of ChaosKirk, RichardRaven1FantasyUnknownUnknown7
Being a Green MotherAnthony, PiersIncarnations of Immortality5FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
Time of Ghosts, AKirk, RichardRaven2FantasyUnknownUnknown7
For Love of EvilAnthony, PiersIncarnations of Immortality6FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Frozen God, TheKirk, RichardRaven3FantasyUnknownUnknown7
And EternityAnthony, PiersIncarnations of Immortality7FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
FiredrakeKnaak, Richard A.Dragonrealm1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
OmnivoreAnthony, PiersOf Man and Manta1Science FictionUnknownUnknown7[?]
Ice DragonKnaak, Richard A.Dragonrealm2FantasyUnknownUnknown8
OrnAnthony, PiersOf Man and Manta2Science FictionUnknownUnknown7
WolfhelmKnaak, Richard A.Dragonrealm3FantasyUnknownUnknown8
0XAnthony, PiersOf Man and Manta3Science FictionUnknownUnknown7
Shadow SteedKnaak, Richard A.Dragonrealm4FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Virtual ModeAnthony, PiersMode1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Crystal Dragon, TheKnaak, Richard A.Dragonrealm4FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Fractal ModeAnthony, PiersMode2FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Red Storm RisingClancy, TomGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown8
God of TarotAnthony, PiersTarot1Science FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Cardinal of the Kremlin, TheClancy, TomGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown8
Vision of TarotAnthony, PiersTarot2Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Op-CenterClancy, TomOp-Center1General FictionUnknownUnknown6
Faith of TarotAnthony, PiersTarot3Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
CentennialMichener, James A.General FictionUnknownUnknown7[?]
Castle RoognaAnthony, PiersXanth3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
ChesapeakeMichener, James A.General FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Centaur IsleAnthony, PiersXanth4FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Eyes of the Dragon, TheKing, StevenFantasyUnknownUnknown7
Ogre, OgreAnthony, PiersXanth5FantasyUnknownUnknown8[?]
Brother's War, TheGrubb, JeffMtg Legacy1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Night MareAnthony, PiersXanth6FantasyUnknownUnknown9
PlaneswalkerAbbey, LynnMtg Legacy2FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Dragon on a PedestalAnthony, PiersXanth7FantasyUnknownUnknown9
TimestreamsKing, J RobertMtg Legacy3FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Crewel LyeAnthony, PiersXanth8FantasyUnknownUnknown8
BloodlinesColeman, Loren L.Mtg Legacy4FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Golem in the GearsAnthony, PiersXanth9FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Mercadian MasquesLebaron, FrancisMtg Legacy5FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Vale of the VoleAnthony, PiersXanth10FantasyUnknownUnknown8
NemesisThompson, Paul B.Mtg Legacy6FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Heaven CentAnthony, PiersXanth11FantasyUnknownUnknown8
ProphecyMoore, VanceMtg Legacy7FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Man From MundaniaAnthony, PiersXanth12FantasyUnknownUnknown8
InvasionKing, J RobertMtg Legacy8FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Isle of ViewAnthony, PiersXanth13FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
PlaneshiftKing, J RobertMtg Legacy9FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Question QuestAnthony, PiersXanth14FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
ApocalypseKing, J RobertMtg Legacy10FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Color of Her Panties, TheAnthony, PiersXanth15FantasyUnknownUnknown8[?]
Rath and StormArcher, PeterMtg LegacyFantasyUnknownUnknown8
Demons Don't DreamAnthony, PiersXanth16FantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
Thran, TheKing, J RobertMtg LegacyFantasyUnknownUnknown8
MacroscopeAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown10[?]
Apocalypse DawnOdom, MelLeft Behind Military1Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
HasanAnthony, PiersFantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
End of StateHart, NeesaLeft Behind Political1Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
Prostho PlusAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
Babylon RisingLaHaye, Tim & Dinallo, GregBabylon Rising1Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
Race Against TimeAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown7[?]
Secret on Ararat, TheLaHaye, Tim & Dinallo, GregBabylon Rising2Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
Rings of IceAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown7[?]
Europa Conpsiracy, TheLaHaye, Tim & Dinallo, GregBabylon Rising3Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
Triple DetenteAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Edge of Darkness, TheLaHaye, Tim & Dinallo, GregBabylon Rising4Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
But What of Earth?Anthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
SoonJenkins, JerryUnderground Zealot1Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
SteppeAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
SilencedJenkins, JerryUnderground Zealot2Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
AnthonologyAnthony, PiersFantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
ShadowedJenkins, JerryUnderground Zealot3Christian FictionUnknownUnknown7
GhostAnthony, PiersFantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
This Present DarknessPeretti, FrankDarkness1Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Shade of the TreeAnthony, PiersFantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
Piercing the DarknessPeretti, FrankDarkness2Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Total RecallAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Oath, ThePeretti, FrankChristian FictionUnknownUnknown8
Hard SellAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown7[?]
Old Man's WarScalzi, JohnOld Man's War1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
FireflyAnthony, PiersGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown7[?]
Ghost Brigades, TheScalzi, JohnOld Man's War2Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
PretenderAnthony, PiersFantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
Last Colony, TheScalzi, JohnOld Man's War3Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Through the IceAnthony, PiersFantasyUnknownUnknown8[?]
Dead MornAnthony, PiersScience FictionUnknownUnknown7
Lion, the Wtch, and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.Chronicles of Narnia1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Dragon's GoldAnthony, PiersKelvin of Rud1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Mere ChristianityLewis, C.S.Christian Non-FictionUnknownUnknown8
Serpent's SilverAnthony, PiersKelvin of Rud2FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Chimaera's CopperAnthony, PiersKelvin of Rud3FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Orc's OpalAnthony, PiersKelvin of Rud4FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Mouvar's MagicAnthony, PiersKelvin of Rud5FantasyUnknownUnknown8
HomelandSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf1FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Lords of the Middle DarkChalker, Jack L.Rings of the Master, The1FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
ExileSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf2FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Pirates of the ThunderChalker, Jack L.Rings of the Master, The2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
SojournSalvatore, R.A.Dark Elf3FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Warriors of the StormChalker, Jack L.Rings of the Master, The3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Speaker for the DeadCard, Orson ScottEnder Quartet2Science FictionUnknownUnknown10[?]
Masks of the MartyrsChalker, Jack L.Rings of the Master, The4FantasyUnknownUnknown9
XenocideCard, Orson ScottEnder Quartet3Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Camber of CuldiKurtz, KatherineLegends of Camber of Culdi (De1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Children of the MindCard, Orson ScottEnder Quartet4Science FictionUnknownUnknown8
Saint CamberKurtz, KatherineLegends of Camber of Culdi (De2FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Camber the HereticKurtz, KatherineLegends of Camber of Culdi (De3FantasyUnknownUnknown8
BloodlinesTraviss, KarenLegacy of the Force2Science FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
BetrayalAllston, AaronLegacy of the Force1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
Left BehindJenkins, JerryLeft Behind1Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
Wuthering HieghtsBronte, EmilyGeneral FictionUnknownUnknown6[?]
Tribulation ForceJenkins, JerryLeft Behind2Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
NicolaeJenkins, JerryLeft Behind3Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Soul HarvestJenkins, JerryLeft Behind4Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
ApollyonJenkins, JerryLeft Behind5Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
AssassinsJenkins, JerryLeft Behind6Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Indwelling, TheJenkins, JerryLeft Behind7Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Mark, TheJenkins, JerryLeft Behind8Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
DesecrationJenkins, JerryLeft Behind9Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Remnant, TheJenkins, JerryLeft Behind10Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
ArmageddonJenkins, JerryLeft Behind11Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Glorious AppearingJenkins, JerryLeft Behind12Christian FictionUnknownUnknown9
Kingdom ComeJenkins, JerryLeft Behind13Christian FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Rising, TheJenkins, JerryLeft Behind Prequel1Christian FictionUnknownUnknown8
Regime, TheJenkins, JerryLeft Behind Prequel2Christian FictionUnknownUnknown8
Rapture, TheJenkins, JerryLeft Behind Prequel3Christian FictionUnknownUnknown8
Harrowing of Gwynedd, TheKurtz, KatherineHeirs of Saint Camber (Deryni)1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Sword of ShannaraBrooks, TerrySword of Shannara Trilogy1FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
King Javan's YearKurtz, KatherineHeirs of Saint Camber (Deryni)2FantasyUnknownUnknown8[?]
Elfstones of ShannaraBrooks, TerrySword of Shannara Trilogy2FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
Bastard Prince, TheKurtz, KatherineHeirs of Saint Camber (Deryni)3FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Wishsong of ShannaraBrooks, TerrySword of Shannara Trilogy3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Scions of Shannara, TheBrooks, TerryHeritage of Shannara1FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
Druid of Shannara, TheBrooks, TerryHeritage of Shannara2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Elf Queen of Shannara, TheBrooks, TerryHeritage of Shannara3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Talismans of Shannara, TheBrooks, TerryHeritage of Shannara4FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Ilse WitchBrooks, TerryVoyage of the Jerle Shannara1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Interview with the VampireRice, AnneVampire Chronicles1FantasyUnknownUnknown8
AntraxBrooks, TerryVoyage of the Jerle Shannara2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Vampire Lestat, TheRice, AnneVampire Chronicles2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
MorgawrBrooks, TerryVoyage of the Jerle Shannara3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Queen of the DamnedRice, AnneVampire Chronicles3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Running With the DemonBrooks, TerryWord & Void1FantasyUnknownUnknown6[?]
Tale of the Body Thief, TheRice, AnneVampire Chronicles4FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Magic Kingdom For Sale -- SOLD!Brooks, TerryMagic Kingdom of Landover1FantasyUnknownUnknown7
Memnoch the DevilRice, AnneVampire Chronicles5FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Black Unicorn, TheBrooks, TerryMagic Kingdom of Landover2FantasyUnknownUnknown7
Blackwood FarmRice, AnneVampire Chronicles8FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Wizard at LargeBrooks, TerryMagic Kingdom of Landover3FantasyUnknownUnknown7
Blood CanticleRice, AnneVampire Chronicles9FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Tangle Box, TheBrooks, TerryMagic Kingdom of Landover4FantasyUnknownUnknown7
Witches' BrewBrooks, TerryMagic Kingdom of Landover5FantasyUnknownUnknown7
SphereCrichton, MichaelScience FictionUnknownUnknown8[?]
Jurassic ParkCrichton, MichaelScience FictionUnknownUnknown9
Fellowship of the RingTolkien, J.R.R.Lord of the Rings1FantasyUnknownUnknown6[?]
Blood of the FoldGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth3FantasyUnknownUnknown8[?]
Temple of the WindsGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth4FantasyUnknownUnknown9[?]
Soul of the FireGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth5FantasyUnknownUnknown8
Faith of the FallenGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth6FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Pillars of Creation, TheGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth7FantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
Naked EmpireGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth8FantasyUnknownUnknown7[?]
ChainfireGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth9FantasyUnknownUnknown8
PhantomGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth10FantasyUnknownUnknown8
ConfessorGoodkind, TerrySword of Truth11FantasyUnknownUnknown8[?]
Dragons of Autumn TwilightWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyDragonlance Chronicles1FantasyUnknownUnknown10[?]
Dragons of Winter NightWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyDragonlance Chronicles2FantasyUnknownUnknown10
Lost King, TheWeis, MargaretStar of the Guardians1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
Dragons of Spring DawningWeis, Margaret & Hickman, TracyDragonlance Chronicles3FantasyUnknownUnknown10
King's TestWeis, MargaretStar of the Guardians2Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
King's SacrificeWeis, MargaretStar of the Guardians3Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Ghost LegionWeis, MargaretStar of the Guardians4Science FictionUnknownUnknown9
Ender's ShadowCard, Orson ScottShadows (Ender)1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
Mediterranean Caper, TheCussler, CliveDirk Pitt1General FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
IcebergCussler, CliveDirk Pitt2General FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
Raise the Titanic!Cussler, CliveDirk Pitt3General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Vixen 03Cussler, CliveDirk Pitt4General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Night Probe!Cussler, CliveDirk Pitt5General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Pacific Vortex!Cussler, CliveDirk Pitt6General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Deep SixCussler, CliveDirk Pitt7General FictionUnknownUnknown9
CyclopsCussler, CliveDirk Pitt8General FictionUnknownUnknown10[?]
TreasureCussler, CliveDirk Pitt9General FictionUnknownUnknown9
DragonCussler, CliveDirk Pitt10General FictionUnknownUnknown9
SaharaCussler, CliveDirk Pitt11General FictionUnknownUnknown10
Inca GoldCussler, CliveDirk Pitt12General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Shock WaveCussler, CliveDirk Pitt13General FictionUnknownUnknown10
Flood TideCussler, CliveDirk Pitt14General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Atlantis FoundCussler, CliveDirk Pitt15General FictionUnknownUnknown10
Trojan OdysseyCussler, CliveDirk Pitt17General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Black WindCussler, CliveDirk Pitt18General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Treasure of KhanCussler, CliveDirk Pitt19General FictionUnknownUnknown9
Crystal Shard, TheSalvatore, R.A.Icewind Dale1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Streams of SilverSalvatore, R.A.Icewind Dale2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Halfling's Gem, TheSalvatore, R.A.Icewind Dale3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
CanticleSalvatore, R.A.Cleric Quintet1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
In Sylvan ShadowsSalvatore, R.A.Cleric Quintet2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Night MasksSalvatore, R.A.Cleric Quintet3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Fallen Fortress, TheSalvatore, R.A.Cleric Quintet4FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Chaos Curse, TheSalvatore, R.A.Cleric Quintet5FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Legacy, TheSalvatore, R.A.Legacy of the Drow1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Starless NightSalvatore, R.A.Legacy of the Drow2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Siege of DarknessSalvatore, R.A.Legacy of the Drow3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Passage to DawnSalvatore, R.A.Legacy of the Drow4FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Silent Blade, TheSalvatore, R.A.Paths of Darkness1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Spine of the World, TheSalvatore, R.A.Paths of Darkness2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Sea of SwordsSalvatore, R.A.Paths of Darkness3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Servant of the ShardSalvatore, R.A.Sellswords, The1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Thousand Orcs, TheSalvatore, R.A.Hunter's Blades Trilogy1FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Lone Drow, TheSalvatore, R.A.Hunter's Blades Trilogy2FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Two Swords, TheSalvatore, R.A.Hunter's Blades Trilogy3FantasyUnknownUnknown9
Demon Awakens, TheSalvatore, R.A.DemonWars Saga1FantasyUnknownUnknown6[?]
Vector PrimeSalvatore, R.A.New Jedi Order1Science FictionUnknownUnknown9[?]
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