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B&W (1)baby (6)baby birds (1)baby elephant (2)
baby goose (2)baby moles (1)back yard (2)backwards hat (1)
backyard (14)bad analogy (1)bad day (1)bake (1)
bald eagle (2)Balridge (1)band (8)bandage (2)
banners (1)Barb (7)barbarians (2)Barge (4)
baseball (4)baseball cards (1)baseball game (3)basement (2)
basketball (4)basketball game (2)bat (1)bath (3)
bathroom (3)battleship (8)BBQ (7)BDUs (2)
beach (31)beach house (21)beach tennis (2)bean bag (1)
Bear Sharktopus (1)beard (1)beater (1)bed (11)
bed & breakfast (1)bedroom (2)beer (1)Beetle Bailey (1)
Beetlejuice (3)begging (1)behavior not person (1)bell ornament tree (1)
Bellevue University (12)belt buckle (1)Ben Franklin (1)Ben Harms (7)
Benny (4)Berlin Wall (1)best viewed (1)Beth (1)
beware of dog (1)Big Ben (1)big horns (1)Big Trouble in Little Chi (1)
bike (3)bikes (1)Billy Edenfield (8)bird (7)
bird feeder (1)birds (5)Birds in Flight (3)birthday (11)
birthday cake (1)birthday party (2)black cats (1)blacklight (6)
blad eagle (1)blizzard (4)blowing bubbles (2)Bo (7)
Bo Schembechler (2)boat (4)boats (1)Bob Evans (1)
Boba Fett (2)bodybuilding cat (1)Boll Weevil (2)bone (1)
bone cigar (1)bones (2)Bonus (93)boss (1)
bowling (3)bowling alley (1)box (4)box cover (1)
boxes (3)Boy Scouts (1)Boyd (2)bracelet (1)
Brandon Bridwell (1)Bravo Flight (1)breakfast (1)Breaking the Silence (1)
bridge (6)briefing (1)Brien (1)Brien Boyce (2)
Brookville (1)brother (11)brunch (3)bubble soccer (1)
Buckeye (2)Buckeyes (6)Buckingham Palace (5)buckteeth (1)
bugs (2)buh (1)bunny ears (1)Buraksan (25)
Busch Gardens (1)business sharks (1)Butler football (3)Butterfield (1)
butterflies (8)butterfly (2)Butterfly House (1)
cable box (1)cake (9)Calculator (2)camel (2)
campfire (4)camping (6)candles (3)cannon (2)
cannons (1)Cape Henry (2)Cape Henry Lighthouse (3)Capitol building (2)
Capt Machuca (1)car (6)car stunt show (3)cards (1)
cargo ship (1)carousel (1)Carson (2)carved stump (2)
carved watermelon (1)carvings (1)Casey Smith (1)castle (1)
castle courtyard (1)castle gate (1)cat (110)cat cuddles (1)
cat food (1)cat friends (1)cat in dog cage (1)cat in the corner (1)
cat in your face (1)cat nip toy (1)Cat Olympics (1)cat snuggles (1)
cat tower (3)cat tree (2)catcat (1)catch red dot (1)
catnip toy (2)cats (47)Cavaliers (1)cave (4)
Cavender's Boot City (8)caves (13)Cayman Turtle Centre (11)Cedar Point (12)
ceiling tile (1)cement (1)ceremony (31)certificate (2)
Chad Watson (1)chair (3)chapel (2)chaplain (1)
Chaplain Twist (1)charity (1)Charleston (25)Charlie (2)
cheesecake (2)Cherry Festival (9)chess (2)chewing (1)
chewing a bone (1)Chicago (4)Chichen Itza (29)Chick-fil-a 10k (2)
chicken (1)chicken bars (4)Chief (1)Chief Dooms (1)
Chief Furby (1)Chief Gross (2)Chief Lawton (3)Chief Melton (1)
Chief Plouff (62)chihuahua (2)chip clip (1)Chris Llamas (146)
Christian (1)Christian Conference (3)Christmas (11)Christmas lights (1)
Christmas tree (1)Chuck Norris (1)church (2)Cincinnati (1)
Cincinnati Reds (9)cityscape (1)class picture (5)Clemon (2)
Cleveland Browns (4)Clinch Park Marina (1)close up (1)closet (2)
clouds (2)clubfoot (2)CMSAF (7)CMSgt (1)
CNN Center (3)code (1)coins (1)Coke (13)
Col Gifford (1)cold (1)Cole Sarvis (3)college football (1)
College Football Museum (8)college graduation (12)color run (3)Combat Dining In (26)
comforter (1)comic (1)Comic Book Land (2)Commander (7)
comparisons (1)computer (21)computer chair (1)computer parts (1)
concert (4)Constantine (1)container ship (2)control center (1)
cookie cake (1)Cookie Monster (1)coral reef (1)corn maze (1)
Corndog (1)Cornelius (1)Cosmic Cruiser (1)costume (21)
costumes (5)couch (6)course map (2)courthouse (3)
cousin (2)cousins (1)coworker (1)coworkers (3)
crabs (1)cranes (1)crater lake (1)crazy food (2)
crazy hat (2)Creation Museum (3)creepy (3)crocodile (1)
crocodiles (1)crossover (1)crud (1)cruise (86)
cruise ship (10)cubbyhole (1)cuddle (3)cuddling (2)
cupcake (1)curious (1)cute (5)cute cat (1)
cute dog (1)cutting cake (1)Cyber Flight (6)
QB (84)quote (1)quotes (1)
Safety Dance (1)salute (1)sand castle (1)Sandy Bottom Nature Park (7)
Sandy van Den Mooter (2)Sara (3)sarcasm (1)Saturday Night Fever (2)
Savannah (4)scared (1)Scene 75 (10)scenery (35)
school (1)School House Rocks (1)school ID (1)science (1)
Scott (11)Scott Ward-Carilles (1)Scrabble (1)screaming peppers (1)
script Ohio (1)Scuvy (1)selfie (12)selling pop (2)
semi-submersible (6)Senior year (1)Seoul (16)sermon (1)
shadow box (1)Shambles (2)shark (5)shark attack (1)
shark mouth (1)sharks (1)Shelar (1)shenaniganery (14)
ship (3)ship models (1)shipwreck (2)shipyard (10)
shirt (3)shoebox (1)shoes (1)Shout! Shout! (1)
show (4)shower curtain (1)sick beats (1)sidewalk chalk (1)
sign (2)silly cat (2)silly dog (1)Sindbad stunt show (1)
sink (2)sister (10)Six Flags (1)skeleton (1)
skeletons (1)skull (1)Skull Session (3)sleep (1)
sleeping (20)sleeping animals (1)Sleeping Bear Dunes (9)sleeping cat (5)
sleeping cats (2)sleeping dog (8)sleeping leg kick (1)sleeping pets (2)
sleepy (2)slide (2)small group (6)Smeagol (1)
SMSgt (3)SMSgt Gillette (1)SMSgt Promotion Party (9)snake (4)
snakes (1)SNCO Induction (21)SNCO of the Quarter (1)Snoopy (1)
snow (3)snowspeeder (1)snuggle cat (1)snuggling (1)
snuggling cats (1)soccer (1)softball (2)soldier (1)
space shuttle (3)Spanish (2)Spartan Sprint (9)speech (3)
Spiderman (2)spoiled cat (1)sporting event (5)sports (5)
sports bra (1)sports day (3)sports headband (1)Spring Fling (6)
Squadron (1)squadron photo (2)Squadron picnic (4)Squadron PT (1)
squid (1)squirrel (7)SrA (2)SSgt Southwick (1)
stadium (2)stained glass (8)stapler (1)Star Wars (19)
starting line (1)starving cats (1)statue (23)steak lunch (1)
stealing poop (1)sting ray (1)stingray (2)stormtrooper (2)
strange bed location (1)strange dog (1)stray dog (1)stripes (9)
student section (1)study buddy (2)stuff (4)stuffed animal (1)
submarines (1)sumo suit (10)sumo suits (2)sun room (1)
sunrise (6)sunroom (6)Sunset (3)Super Bowl (3)
super excited (1)Superchick (1)supercomputer (1)Superhero Scramble (2)
Superior Team Award (1)surfing (1)Swedish Chef (2)swimming (8)
swivel chair (4)swordfish (1)
X-Wing (1)

Line number for SMSgt
Line number for SMSgt
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Team of the quarter
Team of the quarter
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DJ is getting promoted!
DJ is getting promoted!
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More awards!
More awards!
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Team of the Quarter award!
Team of the Quarter award!
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DJ re-enlists
DJ re-enlists
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Award time 2
Award time 2
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Award time
Award time
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Choosing sides
Choosing sides
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