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Still waiting... still | DJ | 8 Years Ago

Well, the time we were supposed to find out about moving to Ohio has come and gone and still we don't know. Some research has revealed this is not unusual. So, we continue to wait and basically do nothing to prepare for our future, since we will do completely different things if we are going to Ohio in 6 months then if we were to stay here for likely a couple more years yet.

In other news, I just ran a 10k with my best time ever - 1:05:06. Kelley is visiting the family in Ohio. Both

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Still waiting | DJ | 8 Years Ago

Any day now we should know more about what our future holds. Are we going to move to Ohio in September, or stay here for likely another couple years or more? I honestly have no idea which way it is going to go, nor which way would be best for us. We are just trusting that God will work out what is best for us.

In other news, Kelley's job is going well, but she is working a ton! Good for the bank account, though. I test for Master Sergeant (E-7) on March 7th. If I make it I'll get pr

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It is official! | Kelley | 8 Years Ago

I am so glad to share that I am now hired on as an International Parts and Accessories Coordinator at E-Z-GO in Augusta, GA. I have been a contractor at this same job for a little over two years. I am currently focusing on brushing up my Spanish so I can communicate better with customers in Mexico etc. DJ and I are doing well with exercising consistently. It has been a struggle as of late, but we are not giving up. We believe our hard work will pay off.

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Another year winds down | DJ | 8 Years Ago

As another year is almost over, we naturally reflect on the previous year and look forward to the next. I just completed my Enlisted to AFIT package, which if I am selected would mean a move to Ohio in August or September of 2012 for at least 18 months. Very exciting!

We ran a half marathon this year, then saw our fitness go to crap, and now we try to build back up to do another one or more this year. One thing is for certain - we have no doubt that 2012 will be better than 2011 - b

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Another edition of "The Game" in the books | DJ | 8 Years Ago

One of the biggest events on the calendar for us, "The Game" between Michigan and Ohio State, was played yesterday with Michigan the winner for the first time since 2003, and only the third time (out of 11 tries) since Kelley and I started dating. This game puts me in a tough position every year. I want my team to win very badly, but I hate seeing Kelley so upset. It has been so long since we won that I cannot remember how long she was upset about it back in 2003 before things got back to normal

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No More School | Kelley | 9 Years Ago

I thought I wanted a master's degree, but I was not willing to put in the effort it took to get it. My job is quite demanding at times. For example, I worked 50 hours this week. School does not gel. Time is so precious. There will be more things to do than time allows. I must make the best choice for me. It does not include school.

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International Business-Liberty University Online | Kelley | 9 Years Ago

Kelley completed her second graduate course. It was not pretty. I will make sure to not let any other course go through such torturous nights. I have one week to recoup before I begin Managerial Technology. I am quite interested as to what the paper topic will be. Let's hope for the best.

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Recovering from Half Marathon | Kelley | 9 Years Ago

DJ and I are back from our vacation to Ohio. The first week back was a challenge. It is a challenge to get back to normal. I do not necessarily want to return to normal, but better than that. I am a woman of high standards. I have high goals. I do not handle it well when I fall short. My focus right now is to keep challenging myself to reach my weight loss goal and finish a 16 page research paper for my International Business course. I can do this! I am certainly feeling the pressure.

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International Business-Liberty University Online | Kelley | 9 Years Ago

I am in my third week of my first course at Liberty University Online. I tried this graduate program deal last year and gave up during the third week. I CANNOT do that again. It cost us some money and headache. I am working on an annotated bibliography for my 16 page research paper due in 5 weeks. I CAN DO THIS! Lots of prayer and dedication will get me over this hurdle. What does not kill me only makes me stronger. I am my own worst enemy. I am not good with gray areas. There is no one correct

Email DJ has been updated! | DJ | 9 Years Ago

I finally got around to updating the video section to be like the new photo photo section! Now I can upload videos and categorize them automatically. I also make a new header and simplified the columns on the main page. The Tweet column is now the Quick Blurb column and will contain other short updates.

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