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Waiting is a challenge | Kelley | 2 Years Ago

Our family is in a waiting period. We are waiting to see if DJ is chosen to attend school for his masters in Ohio or even CA. We are limited with what we can do (search for a job or begin school) until we know about this decision. It is out of our hands. Now we are just praying for favor. Not much is easy for us right now but we are thankful that we have each other.

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Future Unknown | Kelley | 2 Years Ago

Life is interesting right now. I do not know the future. It forces you to take life one day at a time. I want the chance to return home and see my family. I do not know what is best for our family. I hope we will have some answers soon. Meanwhile, I continue to study logistics and Spanish. I hope this studying will help me land a job that I enjoy.

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Cleaning the House AGAIN | Kelley | 3 Years Ago

I am so happy to have finished cleaning the house for the first time in 5 years. It certainly takes time to do a good job. It certainly is not what I call "fun", but it is great when it is all done. It helps me burn calories too. I am all for that right now as I wish to lose the winter weight. If anyone has a secret as to how to limit the dishes from getting dirty EVERYDAY please let me know. :)

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First Day with no E-Z-GO | Kelley | 3 Years Ago

This morning is nice. I am not getting ready for work. I still have MANY goals for today and in 2015. However, it does not involved busting chops to get out of the door, drive for 30 minutes in rush hour traffic to work.

Today marks the first day of the rest of my life. I will continue to pursue my customs broker license. I know I can do it - the goal is to pass on my first try.

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More changes afoot | DJ | 3 Years Ago

So, the big news is that Kelley is quitting her job at the end of the month to focus on earning her Customs Broker License and perhaps some college as well. That is a huge change for us and it will be interesting. I will move to a new job in 4-5 months as well, so our professional future is certainly in flux.

In website news, I am working on a redesign to this site - a massive one, the first for this site in quite a few years. In the process I'll be launching a couple other small sites.

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Our First Half Marathon | DJ | 3 Years Ago

Before I even begin, I have to recognize that this event happened over 3 years ago and much of what I wrote below I wrote in 2011. However, I never finished it until today and have now finally posted it. Geez, talk about procrastination!

Our first half marathon story actually starts almost 7 months before we ran it. February 2011 - we had been running regularly for 18 months or so, with our long runs being 3 miles. I had just returned from Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)

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Our Trip to Charleston | DJ | 3 Years Ago

This whole trip to Charleston started when Kelley, who has recently overcome injuries that prevented her from running, decided we should do this bridge run there. It was a 10k, a distance we had not run in a while. I begrudgingly acquiesced and we then started planning a weekend trip there. The run was on a Saturday morning, so we wanted to head up on a Friday and get a good night of sleep beforehand. We booked a room at the Holiday Inn, dropped off Dribble at the kennel on the way and headed ou

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Augusta's final phase? | DJ | 3 Years Ago

So, I've found out what my next job will be after my current one - I'll be a flight chief (administrative lead for a flight, which is a group of 80 or so Airmen). I think it will suit me and I will be good at it. I'll start that gig around March. That job usually runs about a year or so, but one year after I start that will only be around 8-9 months before I can be done with the military. Thus, I might keep that job until I am done, which means it could be my final phase in the military and thus

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Not going anywhere | DJ | 3 Years Ago

So, apparently we are not going anywhere - a least not soon. Our 4th attempt to leave Fort Gordon came up empty, so we've somewhat resigned ourselves to being here for another 2 years and change. As a result, we've been able to downshift a bit on the house upgrades, but only a bit - we are getting granite counter tops next since I think it will be hard to sell the house without them. To treat ourselves and make this place a little more palatable, we got a new couch and chair for the living room

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Big changes afoot? | DJ | 3 Years Ago

Our vacation to Michigan and Ohio was completely amazing! We wish we could continue to carefree like that all the time, but reality called us back. I have the possibility of getting a special duty assignment to Las Vegas and that has generated some massive excitement for Kelley and me, but we still don't know if that is happening for sure yet. Kelley has a job interview today because her job has gone through multiple changes for the worse and we can't count on getting the Vegas gig, so we might

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