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January Blues | Kelley | 4 Years Ago

Here we are in the winter month of January. It is a slow month. It can be cold, little sun and can be depressing. However, for our family it is now 2016. We get to see each other this year. This is exciting and encouraging. We continue to discuss DJ's return for vacation in May. We are talking about our future plans when he returns at the end of the year. It is an interesting time for us. I am torn when it comes to finding a job. I want to be very picky. I am excited that I only have 2 classes

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New Year | Kelley | 4 Years Ago

2016 will be an interesting year. It will come with challenges and surprises. I look forward to seeing my husband again for a bit in the summer. It is to be determined if I will see him at the end of the year or in early 2017 depending if we choose to stay in Ohio and have him retire or we take our family to Virginia and see what is out there for us. There is a lot to think about. I pray that the right doors are opened. I want this to be an easy choice. My parents want me to stay. There are some

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Dessert - I want to eat it almost every day | Kelley | 4 Years Ago

Yes, the idea of ending your meal with a nice little treat such as sweet yummy ice cream just seems like the right thing to do. However, you look at the clock and it is 9pm You tell yourself its fine. You have a basketball game about to start. You can get on the elliptical and finish one of the last of your sodas and try your best to get about 3K more steps to reach 10K and earn that sweet ice cream.

Then you take your last sip of the soda and you look at your fitbit and realize that you

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Searching for a job | Kelley | 4 Years Ago

I am in a unique situation. I want a job, but I really want it to be a good fit. Because of this unique situation I am in over the next year with DJ coming back to visit for a month, I strongly lean towards only temporary work. I am no longer applying for a job unless I really feel it is a job that I want to do. I am not going to force myself into a position. The temporary work is just fine especially until I am done with this course work that ends in May. I do not want to work over-time if I ca

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I am bad at this | DJ | 4 Years Ago

By this, I mean posting regular updates, either through the news feed or a blog. It is not just here - I almost never post anything on Facebook, either. It is not just me - either today I noticed Kelley hasn't make a blog entry in over 5 years. So, hey, yeah, I own it. I could be posting all sorts of stuff about Korea, but no. Maybe eventually. We'll see.

Speaking of Korea, this place would be pretty cool if Kelley was here. Since she isn't, everything kinda sucks. Definitely not awe

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Rough Patch | Kelley | 5 Years Ago

This is the most hardest thing I have ever gone through. Living on my own with the animals is super hard. These are not the most easy going animals either. I must enjoy their sweet moments and endure the other times. They say the holiday season is a hard time to be alone. I am clinging to God to help me make it through. During times like this you learn to enjoy the little things. DJ and I are alive and going through.

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Single digits | DJ | 5 Years Ago

Kelley and I leave Augusta for good in only 9 days! Time is flying on by and the final day is coming up fast. I hope to have everything done how I want to, although thunderstorms this morning is going to hinder the outside work I was going to do this morning. Kelley returns tomorrow night from Dayton to help with the final push. This is getting pretty stressful/crazy!

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I got a house in Ohio! | Kelley | 5 Years Ago

I am super happy to have one huge thing completed for my transition to Ohio. I am super thankful that I also do not have a lot of pressure to find a job right away. I know what it is like to not be happy at a job. I truly hope I can find a good fit for a year. Meanwhile, our family will continue to count down the days we have left in "Disgusta". :)

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I am back! | Kelley | 5 Years Ago

Yes, I am back in Georgia. I strongly believe I made the correct decision to come back for a few months. DJ and I need to treasure the time we have before he leaves for Korea. I am focusing on school while I help get the house in Georgia ready for rent. We hope to hear about a house for me in Ohio soon. Thank you Lord for this time with my husband. It is a blessing.

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Being apart is hard to do | DJ | 5 Years Ago

This whole living apart thing is pretty rough. Days are pretty empty when the love of your life is 600 miles away. I am keeping busy, of course, but nothing can make up for Kelley not being here. I am thankful things are going as well as they so far - nothing major has gone wrong and I pray that continues. I don't have to go a month long class in Texas in August, so that will help a ton with making sure everything is ready to go before I go to Korea. We'll get through this, but the adjustment is

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