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Searching for the Right Job | Kelley | 14 Years Ago

Lately, I have been dealing with the search for the right job. I have not had much experience working a full-time job. When it came time to look, I took it seriously. I did not want to jump at the first opportunity that came by. There are many jobs available for people to work. The key is to find the one that fits your personality and interest.

Here in less than a week, I will be starting a job at ConAgra Foods. The position is an Accounting Specialist III. I will be working in the Share

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Playing the waiting game | DJ | 14 Years Ago

It has been more than a month since our offer on the house was accepted, but it still seems like forever until we move in. We must continue to hurry up and wait. Kelley is doing well at her new job and we continue to do well in school, though. The picture of the month for April is a visualization of what a male child of ours would look like. We got it done in one of those special picture machines at a Dave and Busters around here. Yet another reason why we might not have kids - don't you think h

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Our house and Kelley's new job | DJ | 14 Years Ago

Holy cow! We found a house we want, we made an offer, and after some negotiations, we are buying a house! It is an awesome house! It has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a 2 car garage, a back deck, 2295 square feet, lots of storage space, and a huge finished basement. It is in a nice neighborhood fairly close to both of our workplaces. You can see the countdown to when we close on it to your right. Go look at some pictures of it at the bottom of this page. Until the

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Food | Kelley | 14 Years Ago

This is one thing that most people struggle with. It is not like cigarettes where we can live without it. We need food to live. Too often people live to eat. There are many people who will tell you that they know the secret about what to eat and not eat. By just looking at the dieting section at a local bookstore you are easily overwhelmed. There is no way to know that this person is an expert and that his or her way is the best.

All I know is that God created us to need food. It gives u

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Work and School | Kelley | 14 Years Ago

I start a full-time job on January 23rd. I will be working at Interpublic Group ( I will be an Invoice Spot controller. This job is a step up for me. I have been searching long and hard for the right job and I found it. I can wear jeans every day. It should be a good fit for me. Starting a new job is one of the most stressful things people go through, so I am not looking forward to that part. All the more so because DJ and I are still plugging away at our bachelor's degrees

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Notre Lame! | Kelley | 14 Years Ago

That is right, the Ohio State Buckeyes put a thumpin' on Notre Dame in the Fiesta bowl. It is sad to see football go. School is keeping DJ and I busy. I am also still trying to find full-time employment. I am being picky. I want to enjoy my work. It is important to me. DJ and I are also getting more involved with our church. We are a part of a couple's small group and have made some friends. We look forward to what God has in store for us this year. It should be a good one. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL

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Sports Disappointments | DJ | 14 Years Ago

Sports can produce some mighty crushing disappointments at times.

The University of Michigan football team lost its fifth game of the year on December 28th in the Alamo Bowl against Nebraska. The five losses were by combined 21 points: by 7 to Notre Dame at home; by 4 to Wisconsin on the road; by 3 to Minnesota at home; by 3 to Ohio State at home; and by 4 to Nebraska at a neutral site. What happened to the proud Maize and Blue this year? Why has Michigan been unable to win bowl games re

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Exercise | Kelley | 14 Years Ago

This topic usually makes people turn their heads. It is something that people know they should do, but not always do we do what is best for us. DJ and I recently purchased an elliptical for our house. We are pleased with it. We no longer have excuses not to exercise. We can watch whatever we want on the television and workout. I can watch a television show, DVD, or listen to music or a book on CD via our laptop. Today, I began to play a video game during the second half of my workout. Time flew

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Ohio State Football | Kelley | 14 Years Ago

I grew up in Ohio. I lived there for 25 years. I try to visit whenever I can. My family is big into football. So by default, I grew up watching football especially the Buckeyes. I remember going over to my dad's friend's house and watching the game. At first, I would watch the game upstairs by myself while my dad and his friend were downstairs.

As I got older, they felt it was safe enough for me to come downstairs. When things were not going the Buckeyes way certain things would be sai

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Magic: The Gathering | DJ | 14 Years Ago

Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game where you build customized decks out of various sets of cards and then pit that deck against other players and their decks. You win by either reducing your opponent's life to 0 or by running him or her out of cards. It is rather easy to learn, but incredibly hard to master. The links on the right will help you if you desire to learn more about the game.

I first learned about Magic back in the fall of 1994 when I was working at Software Etc.

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