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New house closing and website upgrades | DJ | 8 Years Ago

We are extremely excited to report that we are closing on our new house a week from today. We took some pictures of it during the inspection, and it came out really clean on that. The house is in really good shape and overall it is nicer than our previous house in just about every way. Also, I have spent a lot of time this past week upgrading this site once again. It is looking much more professional and has increased functionality. Of course, more is to come

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Moving to Georgia Series - day 6 | DJ | 8 Years Ago

That first day of moving was a cake walk compared to what we have endured since. Day 2 resulted in all of our loose stuff being packed away, which means dishes, clothes, basically everything we were not taking with us. That made making dinner that evening an adventure as items we were used to having were not available to us. Scooping out ice cream with a plastic spoon is not exactly ideal! We did get a break by getting out to my promotion ceremony, though. That was nice.

The third day

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On the new home stretch | Kelley | 8 Years Ago

I am so happy to share that it is the last Sunday that I will be in Nebraska. As each day passes, I find it easier to be living in this cramped studio lodging. The hardest part has been not getting a good night sleep due to the fact that the cats are able to run around all night. I wish they would sleep when we did. I love them though. I have enjoyed spending more time with my animals as of late. The tiny quarters and not being away at work has allowed me to really enjoy them. It is a good thin

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A Week of Less than Optimal in Base Lodging | Kelley | 8 Years Ago

The latest news on our journey to Georgia is that now we are living in military temporary housing. The major catch about staying here is that we are only supposed to have two pets, but we own three. The animals must be caged up while we are gone. The cats are not used to being caged up at all. We are hoping that since we’ll put them in a cage that is mostly covered it will hide the fact that there are two of them in the cage. I am hoping the cleaning lady does not notice or she does not te

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Animals - Hide & Seek | Kelley | 8 Years Ago

Tonight, my youngest cat, Fumble wanted to play a game of hide and seek. DJ and I have just moved into temporary housing. Bonus and Fumble were sitting on top of the fridge for the longest time. Then later in the night, I went looking for Fumble. The space we have is rather small. I was clueless as to where she could be hiding. I got to the point where I went looking for her outside. I began to cry harder. What was I going to do if I had lost her. I did not care that because of her, we are over

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Packing up the house | Kelley | 8 Years Ago

Today begins the packing up of our life here in Nebraska. We are excited for the opportunities available in Georgia. However, we must be patient because we are not actually leaving the area until July 9th. Kelley is enjoying the fact that she does not have to work again till she finds a job in GA. DJ only has a few work days left. We have been talking about the details of this life changing event for 9 months now. Let's get on with it!

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Moving to Georgia Series - day 1 | DJ | 8 Years Ago

Today is day 1 of the movers coming to pack up all of our stuff. Surprisingly, only one lady showed up today to start packing our house. She is moving along pretty quickly, however, but she is obviously going to need some help with the furniture.

It is strange having the house be in such disarray considering that we have all the stuff we do not want packed stuffed into one room off to the side. This includes the clothes we are taking with us (living out of a suitcase - hooray!), stuff

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Last weekend in Texas | DJ | 8 Years Ago

Well, I finally done with class, now I just have to wait around until Monday to graduate. Worst schedule ever, in my opinion, but what can you do? This last week was grueling, and I missed most of day feeling deathly sick, but I am better now and super excited to get home. This weekend will involve exercising, packing, and getting my uniforms ready to go for the ceremony on Monday. I should be on my way home by 11am on the 1st. Yes!

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WorstMemorial Day Weekend Ever!!! | Kelley | 8 Years Ago

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! DJ and I are not the happiest about it though. As a result of the holiday, it delays DJ returning to Nebraska by three days. Despite that fact, we are anxiously awaiting our reunion. We have plans to take our dog and go to Worlds of Fun amusement park in KC for a special getaway. We both feel that we deserve to treat ourselves to a nice vacation after going through over 100 days of being apart. We would not wish this on anyone. Thank you soldiers for all you

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1 Month until I return! | DJ | 8 Years Ago

I will return to the Omaha area exactly 1 month from today and I am very excited! It seems like ages since I left and knowing that my ordeal is almost over is a big boost. My class is going very well - I am tops in the class so far and expect to stay that way. The fact that summer movie season has started helps, since I love movies and they not only help distract me from how long I have left, but serve as markers to denote how little time I have left. I am very excited for our future as we tack

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