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26 days! | DJ | 2 Years Ago

Just 26 more days until I leave South Korea and head home to the best wife ever. It has been a very trying year for both of us, and the end of it cannot come soon enough. In about 2 weeks it will start getting very busy for me, with out processing, packing, moving out of my apartment, and getting some last minute traveling in. Most of the time the days seem like they are just crawling by. I can't explain how excited I am to get back to Kelley in the US and start our adventure in moving to Virgin

Email DJ has been updated! | DJ | 2 Years Ago

I've made a lot of progress over the last few days fixing user id bugs, updating pages to the new layout, and just making a bunch of random updates/fixes. The new layout will be over the whole site soon, then I can fully remove all of the old, no longer used files and clean up the organization a lot. Then, I'll be adding a few new features. It is nice to really be working on the website again.

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DJ's return is set | Kelley | 2 Years Ago

We are so excited to share that DJ's ticket to return to the states is set. It now allows us to start really preparing for our move to Virginia. Kelley is trying to find a job. We will look for a house to rent. The hope is that we prepare as much as possible to make the transition the least stressful as possible. We are both super looking forward to a change. Things can be always be worse, but we're both ready to get out of our current living situation.

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Back to Korea | DJ | 2 Years Ago

Alas, my sojourn to the US has ended, but what a magnificent 30 days it was, thanks to my wonderful wife, Kelley. Being with her again after 6 months was sublime and I savored every moment of it. We had a great time and took a bunch of trips, including to Cincinnati (Newport Aquarium, King's Island, and Cincinnati Reds 10K), Columbus (RadioU 5K), Cleveland (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Cedar Point, and Bentonville, Arkansas (Walmart shareholder meeting with my sister). Best part? Being able

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Halfway there | DJ | 2 Years Ago

By my best guess, I am right about at the halfway point of the total number of days I will be out of the United States and away from Kelley, give or take a few days. I must say, I have not been terribly impressed with the experience so far. My apartment is nice, but I am alone in it. Parts of my job are cool/good, but other parts not so much. The people I work with are great, but I have to come home to an empty, Kelley-less house. It has been tough here. Luckily, I am heading home for a month fa

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Future Projects | DJ | 2 Years Ago

If you spend any time clicking around on this website at all, you'll see links at the top and bottom of pages for websites that don't exist. In fact, you probably clicked one of those links and landed yourself right here just now. These sites are just in my mind right now, but here I will explain what these future sites will be all about.

The Awesome Theory
The only site that actually exists currently, but it is in a state of disrepair and no one goes there anymore. I have

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Plane tickets purchased! | DJ | 2 Years Ago

I bought my plane tickets to return to the US and take my mid-tour vacation today! This is super exciting and helps make it more real! I've been in Korea for over 4 1/2 months and I am ready to get out of here. Too bad that after 30 days I'll have to come back here for 5 more months. I would love to just be done with this place. It is not bad in and of itself, but being apart from Kelley is just the worst. I have a couple friends here, but there is just no replacement for her. Sigh.

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Limitations | Kelley | 2 Years Ago

It is true DJ and I are still separated, but it is not stopping us from achieving personal goals. Today, I weighed in at the lowest weight in 15+ years. I cannot begin to describe how good that feels to have my hard work, time and dedication pay off. My outlook on food is awesome and I simply want to embrace life. I encourage everyone to go for your goals. Remember, you are the one standing in your way.

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Valentine's Day Alone | Kelley | 2 Years Ago

Yes, the special couple day has passed. We continue to survive through this separation. While it is far from ideal, we are challenging ourselves as a couple and as individuals to continue to improve. Each day is a gift. We must not wish away this time apart. We must make the best of every situation. We are now on the second half of the first separation time. Each day that passes is another day closer to our reunion and THAT is awesome news!

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Bring on the Love Month | Kelley | 3 Years Ago

Even though our family is not together, we know our love in strong. It will help us make the most out of February's 29 days. You find out what you are really all about when you are tested. As February 2nd approaches and we have made it through to another month of separation, we are reminded that we are strong and we can continue to press through. We do not know what the future holds. We are taking it one day at a time and that is perfectly okay.

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